November 17, 2008

Some Thoughts on Quitting Drinking

no more Today is the day you can begin quitting drinking alcohol. If you are thinking of doing this the first step might be to see a doctor, contact a support group, or even set a date in the near future to quit.

While it is possible for some people to quit drinking on their own, others might need medical assistance to get through the physical process of withdrawal.

If you are thinking of quitting drinking it is important to discuss with your doctor whether you will need to withdraw from alcohol under medical guidance. Medications are available that will help you safely quit drinking alcohol. Medications are also available to assist in maintaining sobriety. With your doctor’s help, withdrawal from alcohol is safer.

Stopping alcohol use can:

*Help you avoid or decrease the likelihood of health problems that arise from alcohol use, such as liver damage.

*If you drink and are pregnant you can quit in order to prevent harm to your unborn baby.

*Aid in reducing related family concerns or relationship problems.

*Increase your ability to be productive at work, school, and home.

*Reduce any legal issues that you might have as a result of misuse of alcohol.

Organizations and Resources to Help Stop Drinking

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