December 12, 2011

Young People Drinking – The Road To Alcohol Addiction

StopOkay, I recently received an email from Rebecca, with some really good questions about young people drinking, and the problems that this culture can lead to.

So first I just want to thank Rebecca, but add that this only is my own personal opinion, and that any recommendations made by is just good wholesome advice.

Anyway, on to the first question…

Do you think allowing people to bring their own alcohol into clubs is a good idea? If not why?

No, definitely not. The whole alcohol culture is just an excuse to make people believe that they cannot have a good time without alcohol, and clubs are on the whole an arena full of available addictions, so I would not loosen the restrictions already in place, I would add further restrictions to make to more difficult to purchase alcohol in the first place. The real problem is that too much money is made by selling alcohol, making any changes to protect people from alcohol even more complicated.

Do you think it will encourage young people to drink more?

Well yes it certainly will as the cheaper they can purchase alcohol at the more people will drink, so maybe as has been done with cigarettes, tax on alcohol should be increased to help push up the price of alcohol. Although if we are too just focus on Clubs, then maybe the first 2 or 3 drinks could be cheaper, as a way to restrict converting a social habit into an alcohol addiction.

Do you think it will encourage an increase in appropriate behavior such as fighting among people while on a night out?

Now you have touched a different aspect of drinking here, as we know that alcohol does lead in violence in some people, but not everybody. So although alcohol can lead to violence, it is not the only cause.

What advice would you give for young people who are buying their own alcohol before entering clubs and pubs in North East England?

My advice would be to remember that alcohol needs to given a great respect, and that with the more one drinks, the more risk they are at in getting hurt. When young people drink, they only need to know that they have to maintain a complete control over their actions, and more important of all that they manage to get home safely.

I realize that there does exist a drinking culture in North East England, but always remember not to mix alcoholic drinks, and never drink if you have to drive home later. Keep alcohol under control, and enjoy the nightlife available without ruining your life by abusing alcohol… It all goes back to plain old just being sensible!!!

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April 14, 2011

The Dilemma Of Binge Drinking And Tips To Help Stop

Now the horrors of binge drinking can be seen in our local towns and cities every weekend of the year, as misguided youngsters can think of nothing better to do than drink until they drop, or get involved in a brawl.

As our society is seen to be trying to put a stop to binge drinking, they just don’t seem to be able to enforce the law anymore, and it’s normally the family who end up picking up the pieces and suffering with the consequences of an alcohol induced society.

The following video plants the foundation to help people stop binge drinking, although it goes without saying that we would rather have the power to stop it taking place in the first place…

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December 4, 2010

How To Stop Binge Drinking

StopAlthough it is true there are numerous people, specifically teens who are prepared to find out how to stop binge drinking, the reality continues to be that only people who proceed through ideas like those contained in this post will actually manage to stop binge drinking. To put it in another way, numerous people just read through literature of this nature, nevertheless they just don’t put the recommended suggestions to good practice.

In case you are one of these people, I suggest you quit reading right now. Reading on more won’t be worthwhile at all, but on the other hand I do want you to read through these stop binge drinking tips, if you’re really determined about giving up drinking once and for all.

One important thing you should do in order to stop binge drinking is to have a 100% total commitment. Without this, all your attempts to quit drinking will probably be in vain. You need to have the desire to change your existing life style, before you can get over your drinking dilemma. So don’t assume anybody else on this planet will help you stop binge drinking if you don’t really desire it yourself. Also remember, where there’s a will there’s a way.

Nonetheless, you can not simply stop there, as you will need to carry out a few very hard changes along with your will to successfully stop binge drinking. Countless people, especially teenagers miss that point, and therefore are unable to climb out of their own personal hole.

Leading 2 Stop Binge Drinking Tips
1) Remove all alcohol from of your home
2) Cut ties with buddies who like binge drinking as well as avoiding gatherings that promote excessive drinking.

These methods go a long way to help you overcome the trouble regarding binge drinking. Many people like you have successfully stopped drinking alcohol, and you can as well! Knowing how to prevent binge drinking will be the best solution for your alcohol predicament, so we have prepared a totally free report that will offer you essential information to help you stop drinking by yourself.

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