June 5, 2009

Stop Drinking Alcohol – Join The Alcoholics Online Support Group

StopMost alcoholics have a problem when it hits them that they need to give up alcohol permanently, but almost 90% believe that by just having the occasional drink they can carry on with life and put alcoholism behind them.

Sounds great, but it just isn’t an option for the disease of alcoholism, which in some way is just like having an allergy to alcohol but one the affects you mentally as well as your health. So not one drop is the golden rule as the alternative option is just a road to disaster.

Many alcoholics though do see this option as a way out, but soon find out that they haven’t got the strength to carry on and revert back to previous drinking habits. A few alcoholics do though actually manage, but the question we have to ask ourselves is whether they really were alcoholics, or just alcohol abusers or addicts.

The overwhelming view in the rehab world is that it is impossible for an alcoholic to control their drinking habits for more than 24 hours and that the condition of alcoholism would get even worse as they realize that they really don’t have a way out and they need to forget that, resulting in consuming even more alcohol.

I could tell you so many stories about alcoholics that have been down that road and defeat is something that alcoholics really find difficult to handle. Too many good people have fallen trap to hiding their drinking habits from everyone around them and they soon become very distant as they travel further to find alcohol.

Pregnant mother who are alcoholics often manage to kick the habit for 9 months, but the bad habit always returns, but this time it will destroy another life. It is difficult to see how a women could care for something so much when inside her, but once the joy arrives and can really be loved, alcoholic women know that they only love one thing and that is alcohol.

These stories can be heard almost every where, as alcoholism is all around us although we may not be aware of it. The society at large though makes so much from alcohol revenues so that won’t want to situation to change for a long time, so alcoholics need to get independent health advice from other alcoholics and reform groups who only have one mission left in life, which is to give support to other alcoholics.

You can get stop drinking advice on the Internet, with expert advice from other people who either are alcoholics or live with them, so you can get the advice you need. Giving up alcohol is just a matter of taking the right decision and not feeling alone with the nightmare ahead, so make sure you find the very best in alcoholic health care.

Alcohol And Your Immune System (important VIDEO)

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Paul Mitchell said:

Can i get some advice on how to stop drinking as i am concerned
about the qauntity i am drinking

admin said:

Hi Paul,

Discover How To Identify Alcoholism And The Most Effective Ways To Stop Drinking – Just Click HERE

Good luck to you!!!

RK said:

I have been drinking for 20 years. Daily, unless I was pregnant with one of my three kids. I am 39 years old and I have ulcers that cause serious pain for me daily. My doctor has said that I will die if I do not stop. I use to drink at least 6 to 10 beers every night after my kids go to bed and now, if I drink 2 beers at night my stomach hurts so bad I can hardly move in the mornings. Now you would think that would be enough to make anyone stop but still at least 2 nights a week a have to drink anyway. I can’t go to AA meetings, not sure if I agree with AA anyway. So I am in need on online support.

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