December 4, 2008

Stop Drinking Alcohol – The Holiday Season

Holiday SeasonThe time between Thanksgiving and New Years in the United States is the most dangerous and trying time for those trying to maintain sobriety and anyone of us driving on the public highways!

The holiday season sees the most number of driving fatalities than any other time during the year.

My Advice this season: – Use a Designated Driver.
This is always a smart move if you or anyone you know is planning to Celebrate whist drinking.

Stay Sober during the Holidays.
For some of us, the problem is not to avoid driving, the problem is to avoid drinking altogether! This season is not quite so Merry for alcoholic and their families. Unfortunately it becomes a time to â??get throughâ? without any major incident or falling off any wagons.

The Holidays are supposed to be time for fun and family. This can be accomplished without alcohol.

There are many ways to have fun without drinking and have a safe and most importantly of all SOBER holiday

Holiday Season

Contrasting Binge Drinking in the US versus the UK

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