April 26, 2012

Stop Drinking Alcohol Advice – Just What Is Alcohol Dependency?

If you experience alcohol dependency, you may delude yourself into thinking that you’re just consuming alcohol. The fact is that it is alcohol addiction that’s consuming you, your hard earned money, time, energy and most importantly your health.
Alcohol dependency means addiction to consuming alcoholic beverages in-spite of the knowledge of their detrimental physical and social effects. Doctors define alcohol dependency as a disease which disables somebody from controlling the urge to take alcohol. Alcohol dependency, therefore, implies a tendency for addictive consumption of alcohol and a failure to acknowledge its unwanted effects.

Alcohol Abuse

Many people consume alcohol, have issues with it but suppress its characteristics and symptoms. This is termed as “alcohol abuse”, classified as indulging in excessive drinking of alcohol without completely losing control over, although, becoming totally dependent on it like an alcohol addict, is not necessarily the case.

A Widespread Problem
Based on the estimates of the National Council of Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, around 18 million People in America abuse alcohol. More than 100,000 American die of alcohol generated health issues. Half of road accident deaths are caused because of driving under the influence of alcohol.

Symptoms Of Alcohol Addiction
Even the hardened alcohol drinkers quite often refuse to admit they’re addicts. They, therefore, try to drink stealthily, keeping their quota of drinks hidden in unlikely places round the house, place of work or in the car. Once they start drinking, they find it difficult to control their urge to drink more, and will begin gulping down liquor greedily, while ordering “doubles”.

They tend to forget their social promises and conversations, termed as “blacking out”. They lose their interest in healthy entertainment, activities and hobbies which would normally bring them pleasure. They expose Pavlovian symptoms as their drinking time nears, and their desire for drink becomes irresistible as the minutes pass by.

They become irritable if they’re denied their daily doze of alcohol. Alcoholics, generally, get into legal disputes with their relatives, employers and financiers. They build a kind of tolerance towards alcoholic beverages, and the more they drink it, the more they want it to really feel its effects.

Physical Effects Of Alcohol Addiction
Alcohol addiction or physical dependence on alcohol takes place gradually. The rise in intake of alcohol alters the balance in brain chemicals such as gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA), which impedes its impulsiveness while glutamate excites the nerves.

Alcohol also elevates the dopamine level in the brain which is associated with the excitable aspects of drinking alcohol. Too much and continued intake of alcohol affects the status of the chemicals by either raising or depleting them. This process causes the body to crave for alcohol to restore the enjoyable feelings and to avoid the negative feelings without it.

Contributory Factors – There are many other factors that contribute to the problem of alcohol dependency, such as…

Hereditary – Dependence on alcohol may be genetic, so it may be in somebodies genes making them vulnerable to alcohol addiction.

Emotional Causes – Some times high levels of stress, anxiety, tension or emotional trauma compel a person to look for diversion in alcohol. Certain stress hormones are meant to promote alcoholism, so people take to drinking to fight out the mental turmoil.

Psychological reasons – Inferiority complex, low self respect or acute depression may lead a person to take to alcoholic drinking to distract his negative obsessions in life.

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March 5, 2012

Change For Life And Stop Drinking Today

Change for life and stop drinking today by watching this short video, and by reading the 7 tips below to help you quit alcohol

The decision to stop drinking is a hard one. Here is a list of 7 helpful tips to help you change for a life without alcohol.

1) You have to do it for yourself - You hear this and it’s true. Not your family, significant other, or whoever might be asking you to stop. If you don’t do it for yourself, you will be starting out with a handicap.

2) Importance of Physical Exercise -
Many studies have suggested that people who exercise regularly while trying to stay sober are less likely to relapse. Exercise has a tendency to lower stress and keep a person in a more relaxed state which is a plus when working toward sobriety.

3) Reward Yourself -
Many people are so focused on reaching goals that they forget to reward themselves for the ones accomplished. Rewards keep your spirits up. They don’t have to be anything big, but try to make them frequent.

4) No Guilt Trips For Setbacks -
Anger and frustration for a temporary setback is counterproductive and will make anyone feel like quitting. Don’t worry about it if it happens. Try to identify what caused the setback and work toward preventing it from happening again. Focus on a positive future, not a negative past.

5) Get Outside Help -
Whether it’s A.A., some kind of therapy, or a proven formula to get sober, utilize something outside of your normal scope of thinking and experience. Left alone to ones thoughts and methods is probably not the best thing, since those thoughts and methods contributed to the addiction in the first place.

6) Spend As Little Time Alone As Possible -
For single people this can be a tall order. If you can’t surround yourself with people, get out more which helps generate a fresh perspective on life.

7) Develop An Alcohol-Free Daily Routine -
Wake up earlier, include some exercise into the daily schedule, the potential is endless. Let’s face it, to stop drinking is to make a clean start on its own.

Everyone is an individual, and will have to operate on his or her own unique timetable. There are no rules or prescribed time limits to step from addiction to sobriety. Go at your own pace.

If you have a problem with drinking, the best step is the first one. Decide to stop drinking today and you are closer than before to making the right change for your life…

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July 25, 2011

Best Way To Stop Drinking – Step By Step Video Tutorial

If you are you know somebody that has problems with alcoholism, then please do take 5 minutes to watch this video tutorial. We recently published an article about the best way to stop drinking, and so many people have written in with positive comments and feedback, that we have decided to publish it again.

Make sure you click on the link below to get immediate access to the free report about dealing with alcoholism, which really is the best way to stop drinking today.

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July 11, 2011

Tips To Reduce Drinking Or For Permanently Quitting Alcohol

StopMost heavy drinkers will come to the decision at some time in their lives that the time has come to either reduce their drinking habit or even stopping all together. The problem that they now encounter is how on earth are they going to do it. In order to find out just how we can stop drinking, we first need to discover just how our lives will change if we actually manage to achieve our primary goal.

You see, to reduce your drinking habit or quit drinking for good you will need to set a goal to achieve. So if you do, you’re going to have to write down reasons for curbing your alcohol consumption. Here’s a few examples which should help you get your head round this bit;-

Are you seeking to improve your lifestyle?
Do you want to improve your relationship with your family and friends?
Are you looking to improve your health?
What makes you want to drink less?

Quite recently a study was carried out on a hundred people whose objective was to give up drinking alcohol. The interesting part about the study was that only half had actually written down their objectives and out of those 50, an incredible 85% managed to go the whole 3 months without drinking.

In the other 50 they found that only a very small percentage (8%) had only achieved their goals. The thing here is if you don’t know what you want or how to get there then you’re not going to reach your goals, like quitting drinking. So if you want to quit drinking or reduce your drinking you must first set yourself goals, but realistic ones.

It may be helpful to remember that drinking does not control you, but you control your drinking habit.

What we really need to get clear in our heads is that alcohol is slowly poisoning our bodies, but even this transparent statement isn’t always enough to prevent people from drinking. In an attempt to reach out to some of those people, the bottom line here on alcohol is what it really does to us.”In a nutshell”, it infiltrates the bloodstream, the brain, the liver, the pancreas, the kidneys, the lungs plus every other living tissue in the body. If we have to put a label on heavy drinkers it would be “Chronic Drinkers” and I have the message that is coming over loud and clear.

Studies have shown that heavy drinking will reduce the size of your brain, your reactions become slower and you begin to lose your memory. Also in the studies which where carried out, alcoholics showed signs of cognitive dysfunction, this was proved by using the latest technology in MRI scanning. The strength of a drink you’re drinking will have the effect and impact on the absorption rate. It’s simple really the stronger drinks are absorbed quicker than weaker drinks.

The worst thing of all are neat spirits as they will immediately irritate the stomach lining which will actually delay its absorption. It will also have an immediate effect on our central nervous system and depresses the inhibitory centers of our brain. People drink alcohol for many reasons but all the the wrong ones, as the answer to a successful life certainly isn’t found in a bottle, but the answers found in the following guide to quit drinking may just help you…

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May 10, 2011

7 Stop Drinking Tips To Eradicate Alcohol From Your Life

When you have reached that final decision to finally stop drinking, you are going to be in desperate need of all the support you can get, not only to keep you occupied and your mind off drinking alcohol, but also it give you strength for those dark moments when you begin to have second thoughts.

These 7 tips will help you keep to that decision to stop drinking, as well as inspiring to get you through the initial days without slipping back to alcohol…

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April 14, 2011

The Dilemma Of Binge Drinking And Tips To Help Stop

Now the horrors of binge drinking can be seen in our local towns and cities every weekend of the year, as misguided youngsters can think of nothing better to do than drink until they drop, or get involved in a brawl.

As our society is seen to be trying to put a stop to binge drinking, they just don’t seem to be able to enforce the law anymore, and it’s normally the family who end up picking up the pieces and suffering with the consequences of an alcohol induced society.

The following video plants the foundation to help people stop binge drinking, although it goes without saying that we would rather have the power to stop it taking place in the first place…

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January 17, 2011

How To Stop Drinking – 3 Tips To Help Quit

There are many reasons that people will want to stop drinking. Maybe it’s because of a drinking problem or even an overriding health factor that has already lead your Doctor to advise you to stop.

In this video tutorial you will discover how to stop drinking through easy to adapt tips which will act as your primary guide towards a new alcohol free life.

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“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholism” www.StopDrinkingAdvice.org/Free-Guide

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January 15, 2011

Why You Should Consider Stopping Drinking – Video Tutorial

Drinking has become a serious social problem that appears to be on the rise again, and anybody looking for support will find contradictory research concerning the right way to approach stopping drinking alcohol.

This video tutorial will guide you through the challenging steps needed to begin the journey towards a new life that is not dependent upon drinking alcohol.

FREE Stop Drinking Guide
“A Practical Approach To Understanding And Dealing With Alcoholismwww.StopDrinkingAdvice.org/Free-Guide

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January 11, 2011

3 Tips To Help Prepare You To Stop Drinking

StopJust ask yourself one simple thing – are you currently drinking too much Alcohol? If you want to learn how you can quit an addition to improve your lifestyle and your health and well-being, then here are a few questions to take a look at which might help you act to stop drinking alcohol:-

- When you are drinking alcoholic beverages do you drink if you are discouraged, miserable, or even suffering alone?

- Are your family and friends extremely worried about you simply because you might be drinking alcohol too much?

- Does alcohol cause you to forget important things?

- Are you constantly late for everything when you have been drinking alcohol the evening before?

- Think you’re always falling out with friends and family through your drinking alcohol issue?

- Does your well-being suffer through your current drinking problems?

For those who have read the previously mentioned questions and replied yes to any of them, in that case you have got a serious drinking dilemma, or it’s the beginning of one. In the event that your quality of life is suffering from alcohol you will need to stop drinking alcohol right now, because this could and will bring about an early death bed. Furthermore seek advice from your personal doctor.

In case you are reading this article then you might possibly wish to end drinking, or you want to cut down on your drinking habit, or possibly you know another person who you would like to stop drinking alcohol.

Listed here are three stop drinking tips to help anybody stop drinking alcohol on their own.

1 – How will being able to stop drinking change your life?
You ought to write all the negative along with good positive reasons why you would like to stop or perhaps reduce your drinking behavior.

I mean , Is it for your wellness? Could it improve your lifestyle? Can it make you sleep far better? Will it strengthen your family life? I am sure your stop drinking listing has got to be a whole lot longer!

2 – Goal Setting.
First let me tell you that without setting any targets you’ll never stop or even cut down on your drinking habit, it is that simple. First you need to jot down small goals, such as cutting down on your drinking routines, and maybe you can cut out drinking alcohol one evening per week. The thing here is you have to start somewhere and get straight into good habits and get rid of the negative ones.

Okay now you have to write your targets down and have them in front of you as much as you can. Place them upon every door inside your home if you have to, as well as have all of them stuck on your refrigerator so you will always have to read them before you open it.

Your paper should look something like this:-

Primary Goal - I will cut down on my own drinking alcohol problem beginning from (Time frame)

Second Goal -
I’ll additionally not drink on (day of the week)

Third Target -
Week 2 I’ll not consume alcohol on two days each week

Ultimate Objective - I’ll always drive whenever we go out, so I can’t drink

You have to complete these steps without exceptions if you are to manage to ultimately stop drinking.

3 – Continue to keep a day-to-day Journal.
I know this seems quite simple but you must do this every day and not miss any out. Ensure you set your goals for the initial 4 weeks, after which check them out after four weeks have gone by to see the real difference, and believe me you will be very surprised at the changes. I did the very same myself while I was an alcoholic, and it works. It is sometimes complicated but it is extremely rewarding.

You could possibly make up your own drinking diary where you can write down your daily objectives, your obstacles you have to overcome, good thoughts and so on. Anyone can stop drinking alcohol by getting the right support, it is a uncomplicated procedure, however like I said the next step is to get into the good habits and get rid of the bad ones.

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December 7, 2010

The Hardships Related To Stopping Drinking

“Why Do I Drink?” will be a question that virtually everyone that consumes alcoholic will ask themselves at some time in their lives.

Anyone who doesn’t ask themselves that question will never manage to live a life without alcohol, and sadly will die in unfortunate circumstances. But I guess most of us want to be remembered in a good light, so will at least take the time to look for a solution.

This video will reveal the hardships related to stopping drinking once and for all, and gives solutions for troubled alcoholics that really do want to remove alcohol from their daily lives…

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