October 16, 2009

Stop Drinking Product Research Results

StopThe search for a “Stop Drinking Product” is a bit of a myth really, but there are certain supplements that can help reduce a craving for alcohol, as there do exist links between what you actually eat and the desiring craving for alcohol. The food issue is not a short cut or a recognized product to help an alcoholic to quit drinking alcohol, but can help if accompanied by medical treatment or certain dietary supplements.

Product research has though discovered that nutritional supplements do have a beneficial effect when people quit drinking alcohol. Such beneficial products to help stop drinking include B-complex vitamins as well vitamins A,C,D and E, which really make a huge difference in reducing alcohol withdrawal symptoms.

Another important finding during stop drinking research has been that cutting out sugar and caffeine can also reduce cravings for alcohol. When we refer to sugars, we also mean desserts, cakes, candy and fizzy drinks. Fruit and juices should also been taken in small doses and cut back on your sugar in tea and coffee.

When it comes to caffeine, well it means no coffee and no tea unless it is decaffeinated and chocolate too falls into this category, so just a few squares a week if you really get desperate. It is curious too that both simple sugars and caffeine affect the blood sugar regulation as the controlling of the blood sugar level has been linked to the reduction of alcohol (sugar) SS cravings. All in all if you can kick sugar and caffeine then half the battle is won to reduce alcohol craving.

The other important step to take is to make sure you are taking on a lot of nutrient-rich foods so that body really does feel good and you have full strength both mentally and physically, and also internally so that your liver can deal with the detoxification processes.

From our point of view the only way to achieve a complete nutrient rich diet is to eat as healthy as possible as these the food that most contain the all important nutrients. Another reason for this is that alcohol depletes our body’s nutrients so we need to stock up again and get back into being healthy again.

A miracle “stop drinking product” may one day come about, but meantime we can only concentrate on what we eat and drink to help us quit drinking alcohol, and suffer as little as possible during that process.

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