December 7, 2006

Teaching Parents to Choose Not to Drink Alcohol For The Sake of Their Kids

Intelligent parents, who want to save their children from the damaging effects of alcohol use, will choose not to drink alcohol themselves.

Arguments to prove that point:

1. Modeling or example is the best teacher.

2. A double stand doesn’t work. Kids do what you do not what you say.

3. Telling a child they should not drink until they are twenty-one is a temporary solution and teaches them drinking alcohol is ok. What happens, if when they become 21, they choose to drink and end up destroying their life anyway? The first drink can be the beginning of alcoholism or it can lead to a DUI at any age. They can become an intoxicated driver that can kill or injure themselves or someone else.

4. Why should we not teach moderation? Because moderation teaches its ok to drink alcohol. Some people can’t handle moderation. Alcohol becomes something they become addicted to. How do you know if you child can handle it? Can you take that chance?

5. If you are trying to save your kids from the damage alcohol can do, why would you want to support the alcohol industry by giving them money for any of their products, by drinking yourself. Aren’t you enabling the alcohol industry by continuing to support them with the money you spend on their products?

6. As parents we need to teach our children to fully use the abilities, gifts and talents they have been born and blessed with and encourage them to reach their life’s purpose and potential. How can they do that if they use alcohol to handle their life’s problems? Alcohol is a temporary solution. If they think they need alcohol to have fun, handle a problem or escape from a situation they will never discover their own capabilities. They will never develop the skills need to enjoy life on their own.

7. If we love our children, we want to provide for them a healthy life style so they can enjoy their whole life. We want to keep them safe and in good health. Kids need to see adults who fully live their lives without the crutch of alcohol. They need to understand that life is fulfilling, enjoyable and successful without alcohol use. Parents who love their kids choose to be good examples and choose not to drink alcohol themselves.

Eva Fry’s mission is to help others become better and happier. She is an inspirational author, singer/songwriter/ motivational speaker and seminar leader. Eva has published three books – "YOU MUST HAVE A DREAM" -for seniors, "BE A WINNER IN LIFE" – for good kids, troubled kids and their parents. "LETTERS FROM JUVENILE HALL, KIDS HELPING KIDS" (Actual letters from kids at Juvenile Hall, intended to save other kids from destroying their lives) Read more at

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