May 7, 2008

Teenage Drinking

Kids today battle an unimaginable amount of pressures from a multitude of sources. Facing the pressure of alcohol is probably one of the top issues on the list. Most typically it is the teenagers as opposed to the younger ages who feel the temptation as a result of pressure from their peers and even from adults. Seeing a parent drink at home may make them feel as if it is okay or expected. Teenagers want to feel as if they ‚??fit in‚?? with their friend and will drink to do this if their buddies are.

The resulting problems can be disastrous. Issues include drunken driving, fighting, grades dropping, and even long term health issues may occur. Schools and parents need to intervene early. Enforce rules and teach safe ways to avoiding alcohol to keep kids out of trouble and even an early grave. Be a part of your child‚??s life as a parent and teach them of the dangers associated with not only drinking, but with addictions. Try to avoid scare tactics that might actually drive your child to drinking. Education is not the only key, communication is also.

Bringing the topic of alcohol into discussions with your teenager will help keep the line of communication open. Knowing they can come to you might one day safe their life.

Addicted or Dependent?

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