May 28, 2010

The Importance Of Alcohol Anonymous Meetings

StopThe first stop for an alcoholic that decides on giving up alcohol is likely to be Alcoholics Anonymous, due to the huge name this association has. Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings are a way to feel free to admit your drinking problem among other people in a similar situation. This blog post explains just what to expect at Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings and how they are run.

There are so many people who have realized that drinking is wrecking their lives and want to stop but are unable to do so, as they are not quite sure how to go about it. This is where alcohol anonymous meetings, which are convened by people who have either been in such a situation or have come out of one, share their experiences with other people who have alcohol addiction problems.

In a setting such as this where a person with alcohol dependency condition meets with others undergoing similar travails, he will perhaps feel more motivated to try and come to terms with his situation. In an alcohol anonymous meeting people will share their practical experiences in trying to give up drinking and exchange valuable tips. Whatâ??s more nobody will judge anyone nor there will be any sort of compulsion to achieve targets. On the contrary the advice will be to take one day at a time.

The good thing about alcoholics anonymous meetings is that these are free of cliques, groups and factions, as alcoholics anonymous is a voluntary and self funded organization. As a matter of fact funds are often collected by passing a basket around in these meetings. Alcoholic Anonymous meetings are of two types- open and closed, The former are open to everybody including non-alcoholics and gives an opportunity to people like researchers to gain an insight into how alcoholics anonymous functions. Closed meetings are to be attended only by people who want to give up drinking. That apart there may also be group specific meetings pertaining to groups such as gays, women or any other particular type of group.

Alcoholics anonymous meetings are simple affairs which involves starting with a short prayer followed by a period of meditation or silence. This could be followed by a reading from the alcoholics anonymous book. Thereafter new members and visitors are welcomed and sobriety anniversaries commemorated. Next a speaker will give a talk on his experiences in dealing with alcoholism or there may be a discussion on how to deal with alcoholism related problems. Every person who desires to speak is required to begin by saying, â??My name is… and I am an alcoholic/friend/visitorâ?. The meetings come to a conclusion with a prayer. Post the meetings members tend to bond and hang out together.

Thus we see that alcoholics anonymous meetings are a wonderful source of hope and inspiration to multitudes of people across the globes, who grapple with the problem of alcoholism. More than anything else it is a shining example of what the human spirit can achieve in the most trying of circumstances. The sheer scale of this movement is testimony to its grand success.

Alcoholics Anonymous Meetings

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