April 16, 2010

The Overwhelming Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

StopThe effects of alcohol abuse can be quite devastating, if it is consumed in large quantities. Unfortunately the social sanction that consumption of alcohol has in most parts of the world partly obscures the danger that it can pose to society. Putting that aside though, alcohol consumption is also fueled by its association with fun, a sense of freedom and a spirit of adventure.

But things need to be viewed in the right perspective and people need to be told about how severely the effects of alcohol abuse can impact upon oneā??s health if one were to become addicted to it. When a person consumes alcohol it is absorbed by the stomach, and enters the bloodstream and consequently reaches all the tissues. The effects of alcohol on a human are dependent on a number of factors including an individualā??s weight, age, sex, and the quantity of alcohol and food consumed.

Alcohol acts as a depressant on the body and affects it in various ways. It increases the work load of the heart that results in irregular heartbeat and high blood pressure. The efficiency with which the heart pumps blood is therefore impacted. In extreme cases it can lead to irregular heart rhythm, shortness of breath and even cardiac arrest.

Alcohol consumption mainly impacts vision. It causes blurring of vision, and in the case of excessive drinking one may not be able to see at all. Alcohol also messes up oneā??s sleeping patterns. While alcohol does induce early sleep; it is not sleep of a good and beneficial quality. In fact alcohol induced sleep does not really relax your mind and body the way that normal sleep does, and in fact leads to fatigue and irritability.

Excessive alcohol consumption can severely damage oneā??s kidneys. Kidneys regulate bodily fluids and the supply of minerals to the body. Any disruption in this function will lead to drastic reduction in energy levels.

The devastating impact of alcohol on the liver is very well known. It can cause cirrhosis of the liver. The impact of excessive alcohol intake on the pancreas and gut can lead to severe inflammation in the case of the former and irritate the lining of the gut.

The loss of inhibition which consumption of alcohol can cause explains its popularity in social situations, where one needs to interact with other people. But at the same time, even moderate consumption of alcohol can induce slurred speech, disturbed sleep, nausea and vomiting. It also significantly impairs oneā??s ability to drive, and can also cause a man to indulge in acts of violence. To cap it all, there is the menace of nursing a massive hangover the next day.

As we can see the effects of alcohol include abuse to a whole litany of problems, and a rational person should pause and think if it, in any way benefits a man to be drinking it. Alcoholism is a major problem worldwide which has devastated whole communities, and sometimes even nations.

Effects Of Alcohol Abuse

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Alcoholism - A Disease That Affects The Entire Family

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