May 5, 2008

The Path To Leave Addiction

The first step in deciding to quit drinking is simply that‚?¶decide to quit drinking. Once you have made up your mind, you have gotten past the first hurdle. From here, know that you can do it. Cast aside those negative doubts and think positively toward your goal of living without alcohol. With this in mind, get the alcohol out of your sight. Throw out any bottles you have because you are on your way to not needed them in your life.

Battle relapse by being strong willed. If your goal is clearly defined from the beginning, you will have less chance of allowing that goal to slip away. Know that if you give in and do relapse, you are not just cheating yourself out of dreams, but your loved ones also. By continuing to drink you are compromising your children‚??s college fund, your wife having to move up to full time to make ends meet, helping your parents out with medical bills, the car parked in your driveway‚?¶even the roof over you head. Is a drink worth all of that?

What would happen if you had no money or were without your job? How would you live? Is any company going to keep an employee who cannot perform to meet standards? And how would you suffer from this? Having to face all of these possibilities can harm your self-esteem and lower your sense of values. Your social standing could fall. This could mean more than simply your friends turning away from you. If your addiction is well known, it will affect how your children‚??s teachers see you, your landlord, and even your banker may not want to give you that loan you might need.


It is mind over matter when choosing to quit drinking. Instead to turning to a bottle that has nothing but emptiness at the bottom, occupy your time with other activities. Take your kids to the park. Tackle that honey-do list you‚??ve been avoiding. Even cleaning out the garage will keep both your mind and your body busy on other tasks turning thoughts away from alcohol.

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