July 12, 2007

The Real Secret To Successfully Giving Up Alcohol

There’s a dilemma faced by people wishing to dry out? Just how do you say goodbye to a companion of many years acquaintance. What does it take do break this bond of dependency?

You have to look at it this way.

Alcohol gets to be that reckless part of you, that alter ego that appears like a black sheep of the family, only to rain on your parade. It’s the Jekyll part of your psyche, that when primed reeks havoc all about it, then leaves you to tidy up the trail of destruction it leaves in its wake.

It’s the kind of friend that moves in uninvited, steals your food, makes out with your girlfriend and doesn’t pay a dime in rent. The perennial bad tenant, that wrecks your property, lets weeds grow in your garden and then only departs when forcibly evicted. A travelling salesman who promises you the world, sells you a vision of utopia, takes your hard earned cash and never delivers!

But above all it’s a substance that wrecks your health and causes so much unnecessary suffering, a drug you willingly pour down your neck for the sake of sociability and to block out the daily pounding of life. Its not until you can see it for what it is, an interloper in an otherwise beautiful existence, that you realize that this substance takes on a life of its own, once you allow it to enter your body.

Alcohol becomes a living thing, once you can name it and point an accusing finger in its direction.

But be aware of one thing, like the vampire at the door, you invited it in and because of that, it is sucking you dry. Alcohol can make you into one of the thousands of un-dead that roam this world, cut off from the beauty of life, because the very spirit of them has been sucked out and replaced with a parasitic substance, that lives only to be fed by its host.

Breaking the bond of dependency comes down to one thing, it’s the day you discover for yourself, that the substance you thought was a crutch to lean on was actually the apparatus that disabled you in the first place. When you see alcohol for what it is, a substance that harms your body and sucks up all your hard earned cash, then the process of banishing it from your life gets that much easier.

The hardest part of giving up is making that decision to do so, its one only you can make and its like parting from an old friend. But as with certain friendships, there comes a time when you outgrow each other and need to follow different paths.

Ahead of you lays a fork in the road, dependent on what route you take, it will decide the future outcome of your life. Choose wisely, take one step at a time and just keep looking ahead. Never turn back and your life will blossom beyond belief. And please don’t worry, newer, better friends will join you on the journey, you won’t be alone!


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