July 10, 2009

Understanding Your Drinking Habits And How To Quit Alcohol

StopI hate to say this but if you are questioning your drinking habits and patterns you more than likely have a drinking problem. If those around you are commenting on your drinking then you may want to listen up. If alcohol is negatively affecting your life and you are continuing to drink then you DO have a drinking problem.

While there may not seem to be any silver linings in this cloud I can say with authority that there is a silver lining – the majority of people who wish to stop drinking can do so with nothing more than willpower. It is not uncommon for many people who drink on a regular basis to reach a point where they simply decide to quit, whether it is for medical reasons or social.

Unfortunately many donā??t have the willpower to quit cold turkey and find themselves reaching for a drink. When this occurs the problem becomes one of dependency and even abuse. It is when this behavior becomes normal that the point of alcoholism is reached.

If you and your family have been affected by your drinking habits there is help available. Your first stop should be your physician who can advise you regarding whether medication will be necessary as well as which care centers can assist you in quitting. Alcoholics Anonymous is another option for those who are looking for group and one on one support.

The internet is another resource that can give you the help you need to live a life free from the reliance on alcohol. Being able to talk with others who understand your situation will be important to the success of your endeavor.

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