November 14, 2007

Warning Signs of a Teen Drinking Problem

Although the following signs may indicate a problem with alcohol or other drugs, some also reflect normal teenage growing pains. Experts believe that a drinking problem is more likely if you notice several of these signs at the same time, if they occur suddenly, and if some of them are extreme in nature.

  • Mood changes: flare-ups of temper, irritability, and defensiveness.
  • School problems: poor attendance, low grades, and/or recent disciplinary action.
  • Rebelling against family rules.
  • Switching friends, along with a reluctance to have you get to know the new friends.
  • A "nothing matters" attitude: sloppy appearance, a lack of involvement in former interests, and general low energy.
  • Finding alcohol in your child’s room or backpack, or smelling alcohol on his or her breath.
  • Physical or mental problems: memory lapses, poor concentration, bloodshot eyes, lack of coordination, or slurred speech.

How To Cut Down On Drinking

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