April 7, 2008

Why You Need To Stop Drinking Alcohol

Did you know most people who drink, drink far to much and if I was to say to you that nearly 37% of people that drink are classed as Alcoholics. The reason why this figure is very high is because most people don’t realize that drinking is a problem for them. This could be happening to your loved one or even yourself. If you take the time to have a look around you’ll see that there are plenty of websites offering you some great advice on how to stop drinking, or even cut down your drinking.

If you are looking to quit drinking you’ll notice the first benefit that will change will be your health, you’ll also notice a better relationship with your family and friends,
plus you’ll also notice that you become more productive and start to enjoy your life.

I know you’ve probably heard this a million times from people but trust me it’s true. I’ve been there, seen it and done it, and it’s worth every second of it. My life has changed so much, it’s not been easy, but it’s been worth it.

So how can you conquer this demon inside you?

This is the easy bit, first you need to educate yourself with the right tools and get support from the right people, anyone can quit drinking if you are given these.

A great website for to start with is stopdrinkingadvice.org, they have some great free advice so make sure you sign up for that, that alone has helped people overcome there drinking problems. Why is stopdrinkingadvice.org so special, because they help you to understand what triggers your drinking problem off. They know exactly how to treat each difference case because they have been there themselves.

Like anything in life quitting something is hard work and you need 24 hour support to help you and stopdrinkingadvice.org has this, this is so crucial for your success.

The very first step anyone needs to understand if they are to conquer there drinking problem is you need to find out why you drink! Once you find this out you then need to slowly replace your alcoholic drink with something much more healthier. You’ll notice within a few weeks you body will become stronger and healthier, plus you’ll start to feel much more happier within yourself, Over a period of time you’ll notice that your drinking desire will have gone for good.

Below is a Self Test which has 12 questions you need to be asking yourself, to see if you have a drinking problem.

1 – Do you ever use alcohol alone?

2 – Do you regularly drink when you wake up or when you go
to bed?

3 – Has your job performance ever suffered from the
effects of your alcohol use?

4 – Have you ever tried to stop or control your drinking?

5 – Do you feel it is impossible for you to live without
using alcohol?

6 – Do you ever question your own sanity?

7 – Is your alcohol use causing problems at home?

8 – Have you ever felt defensive, guilty, or ashamed about
your drinking?

9 – Have you ever used alcohol because of emotional pain
or stress?

10 – Do you continue to use alcohol despite negative

11 – Do you think you might have an alcohol problem?

12 – Would you know how to stop drinking alcohol?

I have found that most people who have a drinking problem have nearly answered YES to them all, if you have then you need to seek help or advice from someone about quitting or slowly cutting down your drinking problem.

Remember it’s not just your life your ruining it’s your love ones like you children and your wife that your also ruining as well. So if your seeking advice on quitting alcohol then give stopdrinkingadvice.org a try, you need to remember you have nothing to lose, but you have everything to gain.

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