May 30, 2009

Will Stop Drinking Advice Improve Your Health?

StopWell then, why can’t people stop drinking? The first reason is fear. They are afraid of what they are going to do without alcohol in their lives. Much like a smoker quitting cigarettes doesn’t know what they’re going to do without a cigarette in their hand. But, although a smoker is endangering their lives, a drinker alters the way their brain thinks, and does things, and acts in ways that are inappropriate and unacceptable. A cigarette doesn’t do that to you. You don’t leave your purse in a bar because you had a cigarette. Or a pack of cigarettes.

A drinker can easily drive home on the wrong side of the road, sideswipe the garage door, and yell and scream for scrambled eggs and cheese! And then have to get up and go to work in the morning. So why not stop? Number one, it’s usually an addiction, so it’s not as easy as it sounds. Number two, without the proper guidance, it’s very hard to do alone. Number three, who wants to not only have to quit doing something they love to do, but do it in front of strangers, as in a twelve step program?

It is likely that the stress of her husband’s nine-month terminal illness caused her to fall back into heavy drinking. It is only three months since his death, and she is probably using alcohol to numb her grief. It is also possible that she may feel humiliated and ashamed that her excessive drinking is apparent to others, and she just wants to avoid the issue entirely.

There are two positive factors in this scenario: that she managed once to quit drinking for several years and that she continues to visit her physician on a regular basis. I would suggest that it would be counterproductive at this time to confront her about her drinking. It would be unfortunate to drive her away from medical contact and lose her trust. Instead, the focus should be on her grief and how she is coping with the loss of her husband. Bereavement counselling should be offered.

Can I drink alcohol if I am pregnant? No. Do not drink alcohol when you are pregnant. Why? Because when you drink alcohol, so does your baby. Think about it. Everything you drink, your baby also drinks. Is any kind of alcohol safe to drink during pregnancy? No. Drinking any kind of alcohol when you are pregnant can hurt your baby. Alcoholic drinks are beer, wine, wine coolers, liquor, or mixed drinks. A glass of wine, a can of beer, and a mixed drink all have about the same amount of alcohol. What if I drank during my last pregnancy and my baby was fine? Every pregnancy is different. Drinking alcohol may hurt one baby more than another. You could have one child that is born healthy, and another child that is born with problems.

Set a positive tone. When your teen is ready to drive, let him know that you think he will be a great driver. At the same time, grant privileges slowly so you can add more as your son or daughter demonstrates they are ready for them instead of having to take privileges away when your trust is violated. Teenagers love to test their parents and in fact it is their job to do so. It is the parents’ job to set clear rules and to hold teenagers responsible when they are violated.

Consider rewarding your teen if he or she is accident-free for a certain period of time and remove restrictions when you find they are no longer necessary.Sign a Contract. The best way to lay out the rules you expect your new driver to follow is to put them in a contract you both will sign. The contract should cover such things as the number of friends who can be in the car with the new driver (most likely one), what time the driver must be home on school nights and weekends, responsibilities for gas, insurance and car maintenance and the mandatory use of seat belts for all passengers.

Alcohol when taken in moderation is a nice way to relax or enjoy a social engagement, where when alcohol becomes a problem it can effect everyone who is close to the alcoholic. Some things that can tell a person they may be having a problem with alcohol are: – worry over not having alcohol or money to buy it – hiding alcohol so others do not know you have it – often wishing to be drunk or get drunk faster – unable to stop drinking once started – hearing others comment on your drinking Alcoholism should always be taken seriously. If you or someone you know has a drinking problem professional help is available in every community. Recognizing the problem is the first step to finding a solution.

At the very least stop drinking 4 – 6 hours before going to bed. This grace period will allow your body a chance to for the effects of the alcohol to wear off and reduce the effects that it may have on your sleeping, helping you to sleep without snoring.Sedatives such as sleeping pills behave much in the same way as alcohol, and amplify the affect if you take them while drinking, causing your body to relax its muscles and inducing many of the same symptoms as alcohol.

When you snore, you not only do you hurt yourself – studies have shown that a spouse, or significant other, can lose up to an hour of sleep per night. Causing them not only to be ‘cranky’ in the morning, but potentially destroying your relationship. So, don’t just do it for yourself – do it for your loved one!

And no, drinking beer is not the same as drinking water unfortunately. Beer has a lot of calories, and the first place it goes is around your mid-section. By the way, this doesn’t mean that you have to stop drinking alcohol all together. Just control your intake as you would your diet. Exercise will not only help you lose your love handles but also help your posture as it will strengthen and stabilize your core (including your abs).

So, if you have been suffering from some minor back aches or even chronic back pain, you may find that by engaging in exercise it may dissipate or disappear forever. By the way, if you only engage in ab exercises without any aerobic or resistance (weight) training, you may find your love handles growing larger! Yikes! This is because your muscles are growing yet your body fat percentage is staying the same. By the way, you don’t have to train like a marathon runner or a bodybuilder to lose those love handles. Start out by doing small things, like walking to the local store instead of driving; or taking the stairs instead of the elevator or the escalator. But, if you want to seriously transform your body (not only losing your love handles but shedding a ton of body fat) then you will need to get serious and do some intense workouts.

Tips that work to Stop Drinking Alcohol

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Will Stop Drinking Advice Improve Your Health?
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