October 9, 2008

Willingness to Stop Drinking

Save for WebContinual ongoing prayer is necessary if the alcoholic is to maintain the willingness and courage which are needed to fully overcome this disease and eliminate any threat of a potential setback. Some degree of spirituality is necessary for a healthy recovery and permanent sobriety as well.

When the initial fear and desperation have left, the alcoholic feels a false sense that all is well. Willingness is an attitude that shall act as a means of identifying and dealing with problems in the middle and late stages of recovery.

Willingness backed by accountability will help the alcoholic realize that they have inherited a disease which will shadow them the remainder of their lives. Permanent sobriety is the only way an alcoholic can live a healthy and productive life. The willingness to continue practicing daily spiritual maintenance shall aid the alcoholic well in their life long quest for permanent sobriety.

The Grieving Process

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